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Jove Théière en porcelaine 1.0L

Jove Théière en porcelaine 1.0L

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Il sera plus facile de commencer la journée avec un thé parfumé fraîchement préparé, ou de profiter d’une soirée en famille avec une tasse de votre boisson préférée. Tout ce dont vous avez besoin est un thé de qualité (de préférence en vrac, mais vous pouvez également utiliser des sachets), une théière de qualité et de l'eau à la bonne température (selon le type de thé choisi).

La théière moderne Tealyra Jove allie qualité japonaise et beauté. Notre théière pour thé en vrac est en porcelaine de haute qualité. Ce matériau noble est idéal pour préparer un thé hautement aromatique et délicieux, est très efficace et ne contient pas de BPA ni de plomb.

Théière en porcelaine Tealyra avec couvercle et maille en acier inoxydable qui infuse parfaitement le thé et ne fuit pas. L'utilisation de la théière infuseur est très pratique. Volume de 1000 ml/34 oz. pour environ 4-5 tasses de thé délicieux.

Commandez une théière en porcelaine avec infuseur comme cadeau pour vos proches ou amis. Une théière infuseur en céramique à la fois esthétique et pratique est une excellente idée en toute occasion !

Le volume:
1000ml / 34 fl.oz
par Laurel Criswell
Juillet 2021
[EN] Great teapot, but as some people have mentioned, the lid can be a bit finnicky to work with, specifically when pouring in your hot water. It wants to close itself due to the shape of the design, and requires gentle bending of the metal to get it to stay(and then bending it back so the lid rests flush with the opening...)

But I'm not a super fussy person, so I don't really find this preventing me from using it. If you are prone to spills/splashes/general hot water mishaps, then you should find a different teapot.
par Jerred
Janvier 2021
[EN] The tea pot is nice, the lid is garbage and needs adjustment ... I did adjust it correctly but that entailed taking it apart, bending and tempering the metal pieces which took about 45 mins ... it now works fantastic! And is a very solid tea pot now including the lid!
par Cipriana Adelina Mironescu
Novembre 2020
[EN] It’s pretty but not as nice as Tealyra’s ceramic one. The finish is more of a satin matte rather than fully shiny, and it has this terrible habit of dropping the lid down when I pour the hot water in, Hence I almost always end up pouring hot water on the closing lid, making a mess or burning myself. There’s something a bit wrong in its design, because I see That I am not the only person complaining about this. I definitely prefer the large ceramic one, which also has a shinier, prettier finish and a better designed lid.
par Cfitz
Avril 2020
[EN] I got the yellow Jove teapot.

It's a cute, friendly shape and a perfect sunflower yellow. This teapot comfortably holds three large (~14oz) mugs worth of tea. The large infuser is made of sturdy metal sheeting, not mesh, so it can stand on its own when removed from the pot. The size is great for the expansion of looseleaf teas (particularly if you like a strong cup) and the fine pinholes keep all but the smallest particles contained. By itself, the teapot keeps tea warm for about two and a half hours and the handle is always cool enough to use.

The lid on mine doesn't stay open- the current angle of the finger lever doesn't allow the lid to rest on it; I'll have to bend it a bit more. Also, if you open the lid while hot tea is inside (i.e.: to remove the infuser), condensation from the lid runs down the handle and side of the teapot. This effect might be reduced by using a tea cozy to keep the pot more uniformly warm; I'll try that next and update my review. The spout always has one leftover drip when I'm done pouring.

I deducted a star due to the annoyance of the dripping condensation and spout.