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rapidTEA Maker 500ml

rapidTEA Maker 500ml

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500ml (16.9oz) - rapidTEA Loose Tea Maker - Tea Infuser Teapot -  Best Tea Maker Makes a Perfect Cup of Tea - Bottom Dispensing Teapot - Drip-Free Guaranteed

Exquisite design, simple to use, easy to clean, putting you in control each and every time you prepare a cup of tea! Our new tea maker offers a breakthrough in brewing technology to the tea world- we are proud to introduce to you our best tea maker yet. For the modern tea enthusiast that embraces the newest technology, our tea maker features a stainless-steel ball between the valve and the super-fine filter; which means no more leaking water, nor any more tea leaves in your cup!

The clear walls enable you to watch as your tea unfurls, and infuses until it is the perfect brew. As easy to use as a tea bag, once the tea has steeped just place the tea maker over your cup and the automatic valve will open and your tea will flow out. Both exquisite, and straightforward in one perfect package.

How to use our tea maker

1) Simply measure out your tea leaves and place into the tea maker
2) Pour your hot water over the leaves (temperature varies depending on the type of tea)
3) Set a timer for recommended steeping time
4) Place your tea maker on top of your cup and your tea will flow into it.

500ml / 16.9 fl.oz
Katherine Fraser
May 2023
Fiendishly cleaver device that works particularly well for whole leaf teas. Finer broken leaf tend to leave bits stuck around outside edges which do not rinse out with anything resembling ease. None the less I would recommend it regardless.
Heather Barrett
June 2022
Love this little tea maker! It is the perfect size for a single person! Doesn't take up a lot of space, is easy to use and comfortable to hold. Looks good and is a pretty reasonable price. Definitely recommend this tea maker if you want something small for yourself.
September 2019
Does anyone know how to clean the strainer on the 16 oz. model? There are some tea leaf particles under the screen and they do not come out with rinsing in hot water as the directions suggest. It seems like the bottom comes off somehow?
Suzanne Schmidt
August 2018
I don't usually do reviews. This tea infuser is the best ever. I have tried so many tea infusers to no avail. They usually are so hard to clean. But this one is the best. It is not only easy to clean, but easy to fill!
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