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Sirius Double Wall Glass Mugs, Set of 2

Sirius Double Wall Glass Mugs, Set of 2

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Sirius Double Wall Glass Tea Cup is gorgeous and well-designed! Sirius Double Wall Glass Tea Cup is a large 500ml size, ideal for any tea lover! Sirius is double walled, lightweight, yet sturdy and effortless to clean. Sirius’ double walled design makes sure that while your tea stays hot, the mug is cool to the touch. Our modern design keeps your drink at the ideal temperature much longer than a regular glass mug. Ideal for either hot or cold beverages; tea, coffee, whatever tickles your fancy!

Design features:

- Dishwasher and microwave safe
- Heat resistant borosilicate glass
- Capacity: 16 oz / 500 ml
Heather Barrett
June 2022
Love these mugs, works perfectly with Tealyra's rapidtea makers. Which is the reason I bought these mugs, to go with the 500ml rapidtea maker I got. The tea maker sits on top of the mugs perfectly and you can watch the tea transfer from the steeper to the mug. Which is oddly satisfying. Very comfortable to hold and use, due to them being lightweight and the handle being a good size/shape.

The outside and handle stays cool to the touch, even when filled with something hot. My tea stays hot a lot longer due to these glasses being double walled. Which is good, since I am a slow drinker and my teas tend to get cold before I finish it. But I don't have that issue whenever I use these mugs. Love the way they look, I think they are cute and nice looking.
Joe Mannes
April 2021
These are easily the greatest teacups known to exist. Thermal properties of Terracotta Ceramic, Delicate and Flavourless like Glass. Rivals Bone China for its Elegance and Design, but surpassing Bone China in its Common Form and Versatility of Design. As simple, transparent glass, it matches every single design ethic used in interior design. In its pure appearance as a bubble, within a bubble, it is stylish like fine art. The size is ideal for a really healthy cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee, while remaining light and open enough to wash easily afterward.

Now... there are only two downsides I have found to these, after owning them for around 3 years.

First off: They are fragile. Make sure they are far away from you when using counter space to prepare other things. It only takes one slip of the wrist for a utensil to shatter one of these. Or to send it flying across the counter, to the floor, where it will shatter anyways.

Second: ...More of them... This is only a pack of 2 cups, and if you want to stock your cupboards with them, this can get expensive. If they were sold in 4, 8, and 12 sets, with discounted pricing as the volume went up, that would encourage more purchases. Because once you've tried one, you won't want ceramic anymore. You will think only of these for every occasion.

On the upside: Coffee or Tea drinker, Interior Designer or First-Home Owner, these are the gift to give them. THE gift, because they are unquestioningly perfect for every home. Even if you gift them a set more than once, they will always be welcomed, because they are fantastic mugs.
Gabe Spurgeon
November 2020
These cups are great, bought two at least a year ago and just broke the last one the other day. I've broken a lot of glasses and I was using these nearly every day so lasting that long is pretty good. The glass is fairly strong, but knocking it off the side of a coffee table is a little more than they can take, as it would be with any glass. I've been using regular mugs since I broke them and I'm not used to how fast my tea gets cold now. They're a little large for my regular tea, but perfect for when I make lattes.
August 2018
Fantastic mugs.
1. Becuase of the double skin they are very light, which is a bonus for a mug that carries a LOT of drink.
2. Much stronger than one might expect. They can handle small knocks.
3. Because of the "double skin" they keep the drink hotter for longer.
4. Being glass, very easy to clean out the tea stains.
5. Because of the double skin, quite cool against my lip.
6. Because of the double skin, not hot enough to damage the surface of any table. No coaster required.
7. Wide enough base to be stable.
8. Large, ergonomic handle.
The only downside is that after each sip a drop remains on the outside edge - perhaps it does on most mugs - and the surface of the mug is not hot enough to quickly evaporate it. I have modified my sipping to wipe that drip off.
eh only down-side is that
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