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I found this site quite by accident and boy am I glad I did. Very good prices and super fast delivery.
I love the selection and that I can order smaller quantites. So many teas and good quality. Love this site. I order a new tea every month.

Just top quality teas. I love their herbal and herbal blends, and they all just taste amazing! Thank you so much for the great work you do!

I ordered my tea over two weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived. No one is responding to emails and there is no one answering the customer service number. Will be very reluctant to purchase from this site again.

I am so impressed with Tealyra. I was shopping at the mall the other day and I was offered tea from a "tea store" I tried it and it was very good.....I was going to buy some and could not believe the price!!!...There was NO WAY I could afford to buy that tea.....so I came home and did some research and came across the Tealyra website. I decided to order a tea pot, warmer & some tea......that was on a Wednesday evening and by Friday afternoon I was sipping away! Firstly, I cannot believe how quickly my order shipped.......the prices are awesome and the tea is AMAZING!! I'm a believer :) The only problem I has was that I ordered my teapot with a red ring.....and they sent it to me in green

I have discovered this company a few months ago. I know well the world of tea and I can say that Tealyra is the best I know. Best website, Best services and BEST teas. I can find thanks to Tealyra rare Japanese teas and I am fond of them. THANK YOU !!

Been overpaying for tea for sometimes now and just discovered you guys with the great quality, variety and the prices just wow! You just earned a customer!

So, I'm a bit of a tea freak and have spent obscene amounts of money on tea in the past, but you have a kid and man, they need food and clothes and "education savings" so obviously priorities change darn it...just kidding! Tealyra as a website is awesome in quality and price for all kinds of tea, but in particular, this matcha is ah-maz-zing! I fashion my own tasty knock off lattes that I pay 7 "bucks" for at a local coffee joint, I have it straight up, it's just great and I plan on continuing shopping here for all my tea needs

Tealyra 'Everyday Organic' Matcha tea is one of the best prices I have found & the free shipping (for over $60 orders) helps keeps the price at an affordable level. I enjoy this tea every morning & it is a great replacement over coffee if you need a bit of an energy boost. The selection of Oolong teas is great too! I like the slim, simple package design. If packages were biodegradable or recycle, that would be even better.

I ordered my tea several days before Christmas - this is the 13 January and it has still not arrived. Based on their 'delivery times' I calculated that the shipment should be with me by the 1st January. I contacted via email (as they don't ever answer the phone) to find out about my shipment (which cost almost £3.00 for a 50g order) as they took the money from my account on the 24 December - said they shipped it on the 26 December and that the Post was really slow. My only conclusion is that it comes from Mars as you can get anything shipped from one side of the world to the other in this time - even considering the holidays. If I ever get the tea I'll let you know what I think! But order process is abysmal!

The tea shipped was excellent. However they took 8 days before they even shipped my order and it took a long time to arrive after that. I had to laugh at the repeated requests for reviews. What was particularly sad was that I ordered form a competitor the day after ordering fro TeaLyra and that order came nearly a week before TeaLyra's order. Oddly enough the order was shipped from the US even though the company is supposed to be in Australia (branches in New Zealand and the UK) and the tea came from India (as it should). The request to review had an incorrect web link with two // before Tealyra so I had to manually remove one of them to get it to work. However the teas I ordered were really first rate, worth waiting for! Much higher quality than other companies. Probably because it appears to have been packed whilst fresh and sealed in a lightproof plastic packet. The resealable nature of the packets are also much appreciated.
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