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Weight Loss Tea

Are you looking for a way to help lose weight in a simple, natural, effective way? Weight loss tea blends are the perfect companion to healthier food choices, and discipline when it comes to shedding excess weight! Each tea variety has its own unique health properties, and some have been scientifically proven to curb cravings, balance hunger hormones, boost your metabolism, and literally melt fat in stored in your fat cells. Tea has shown to literally increase the amount of fat burned during a workout, making your effort that much more effective! We recommend drinking 2-3 cups daily, and we have a wide variety of options blended specifically to help you achieve your weight loss goals in a delicious, and easy way!
Fat Burner - Loss Weight - Detox - Wellne...
The most potent fat burning teas in a delicious wellness tea blend
Slimming Oo Pu'erh Diet
Slimming blend of oolong, and pu’erh tea with apple, berries, and mint
Healthy Edge
Our ultimate health and wellness sweet and spiced pu'erh based tea blend
Berry Rose Slenderize - Weight Loss - Die...
Mild tasting fat-melting tea  that is fruity, minty and wonderfully refreshing!
Weight & Balance
Herbal and spiced slimming blend that is flavorful, effective, and low in caffeine


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