Tea and Health


Moringa Tea for Weight Loss

Moringa is a small tree that has powerful antioxidant properties. Moringa Leaf can help reduce mild depression and anxiety as well as chronic disorders such as diabetes. 
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The Tea Horse Road

Let’s follow tea to its roots in this blog on China’s ancient Tea Horse Road.
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Flower Power

Here’s a look into the world of floral tea infusions and their health benefits.
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Stressed Out!

Whether just dealing with the stresses of daily life, or some life-changing major issue comes up, managing our stress is vital.
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“Flavor”ful Options

A quick look at “flavoring” and the differences in added flavors
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Inflammation and Natural Relief for your Joints!

Whether you’re looking for natural relief, or seeking preventative measures - these healthy teas are by far the most delicious and natural way to heal and relieve pain caused by inflammation! 
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Beyond Tasty - Cinnamon Tea Health Benefits

Simply the fragrance of a lovely cup of tea featuring cinnamon alerts and warms the soul. Here we’ll take a look into the benefits and healing properties of simply delicious cinnamon teas.
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Tea for Optimum Skin Health

Remember that sunscreen is your friend; pair it with your daily dose of Tealyra Tea!
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How Tea Prevents and Fights Diabetes

Whether you have type one or type two diabetes, tea is an excellent choice to push yourself toward better health!
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Cancer Interrupted

The top cancer prevention and battling benefits of tea.
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