Press Filter Art Tea Maker

Press Filter Art Tea Maker

Origin: China
PRICE: CA$22.22
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Crafted with heat resistant glass, with blown-made drip free spout, food grade PC and a stainless steel infuser. Simple and effective press valve system puts you in complete control. Absolutely leak free once you stop pressing the release button! High efficiency filtration to ensure making pure tea. The tea press will not absorb other odors, so you can control the strength and preserve the original aroma, ideal for appreciating tea. It is ideal to be used at home, in the office, in a trip, in a restaurant, in a teahouse and at a meeting.

Design features:

- Easy to use, can be used to brew, filter and serve tea
- No need to use other pots, ideal for personal and guest use.
- Comes in two different sizes


How To Use:

-Measure and put your tea leaves into the inner pot.

-Add boiled water into the pot and close the lid.

-Once your tea is ready to serve, press the button on the top.

-Serve and enjoy the tea!




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