Origin: Canada

Princess Grey
Light and fresh peach scented earl grey tea
Spiced Hibiscus Guayusa
Green tea with fresh berry tartness and real raspberry
Electric Grape Oolong
Bold tasting crushed concord grape scented oolong
White Peach Oolong
Fresh oolong tea with fragrant peach
Citrus Eucalyptus Oolong
Fresh and fragrant citrus and eucalyptus high mountain oolong blend
Blood Orange Oolong
Sweet and tangy blood orange oolong tea
Herbal Well-Being
A pure blend of hibiscus, nettle, rooibos and spearmint.
Revive Honeybush Guayusa
High-energy guayusa blend with sweet honeybush and vanilla notes
Summer Strawberry Mint Guayusa
Refreshing crushed strawberry and sweet apple tea with a hint of mint
Raspberry Relaxation
Soothing tisane featuring lemon verbena and real raspberry pieces
Rest and Restore
Natural and mild blend of delicious classic herbs to soothe and renew
Pineapple Chamomile Crush
A tropical inspired combination of pineapple and chamomile
Sun Rise Chamomile
A fresh take on chamomile, featuring spearmint, orange, strawberry and lemongrass
Bloat Be Gone
Soothing herbal blend to relieve bloat and help you feel your best
Luscious Hibiscus Rose
Vibrant hibiscus and elegant rose duo that is fragrant and light
Labrador tea C/S
Traditional herbal tea with flavors of camphor, cedar, and citrus
Gentle Georgia Peach
Delicate tasting peach tisane with a Southern twist
Strawberry Hibiscus Sangria
Bold tasting herbal blend highlighting sweet-tart strawberry
Orange Whisper
A charming mild herbal blend featuring natural orange sweetness
Pink Pineapple
Exotic and fresh pineapple and apple fruit tisane
Tropical Orange Mate
Exotic, fresh and tropical pineapple, orange, papaya yerba mate
Tea Brew Filter Bags, 100 pcs
Biodegradable unbleached filter made in Canada for either one cup or one teapot


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