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Matcha Tea

Today's modern matcha enthusiast can enjoy matcha green tea in sweets, lattes, as a health tonic, and even in ice cream! Matcha is a unique powdered Japanese green tea, that has been stone ground into a very fine powder and must be whisked (not steeped) in water before consuming. Matcha comes in many grades; the highest quality is reserved for traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony ("chanoyu"). Lower grades usually have a strong taste and can be dull in color- these grades make flawless lattes, and are excellent for baking and blending; really any time you want the flavor of tea to come through and not to get lost in the other ingredients! We also carry ready to go matcha that you can mix in hot or cold water, flavored matcha, matcha latte blends, and matcha powders specifically for your recipes… matcha crème brûlée anyone?

Tealyra proudly carries Canada’s largest selection of matcha! So, whether you're looking for the many health benefits that matcha green tea powder has to offer, are looking to expand your green tea collection, or you want a little taste of traditional Japan - we absolutely have the matcha you are looking for

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Ogura Matcha Limited
Our highest grade of ceremonial matcha reserved for traditional tea ceremony.
Matcha Gymnema "Sugar Destroyer"
Pure matcha and organic Gymnema Sylvestre to kill sugar in the body
Supreme Matcha
High quality matcha for tea ceremony
Imperial Matcha Ceremony Grade 1
Ceremonial standard matcha
Samurai Matcha Ceremony
A smooth and mellow high quality matcha
Izu Premium Matcha
Highest quality of everyday matcha, great on its own, or in lattes and recipes
Everyday Uji Matcha
Great everyday matcha for your recipes, lattes, smoothies and desserts
Culinary Matcha
A fantastic culinary matcha for all your recipes
Premium Matcha Latte
Flawless instant matcha latte
Vanilla Matcha Pre-Mix
Indulgent sweetened vanilla matcha
Blueberry Matcha Pre-Mix
The ultimate blueberry flavored matcha
Raspberry Matcha Pre-Mix
Delicious raspberry flavored matcha
Matcha Whisk
Essential 100 prong bamboo whisk for preparing matcha green tea
Authentic Shin Takayama Whisk
Authentic artisan thin prong bamboo whisk for preparing fine matcha green tea
Chashaku Bamboo Matcha Scoop
A traditional bamboo tool for measuring matcha powder
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