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Imperial Ren Shen Ginseng Oolong

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Imperial Ren Shen Ginseng Oolong is composed of oxidised oolong tea enveloped in ginseng and Chinese vanilla. The rich taste of this tea offers a refreshing velvety taste that segues into a predominant smooth grassy vanilla after a few infusions.

Ginseng Oolong tea (also known as Ren Shen, or Lady Orchid) is an invigorating blend of high quality oolong and ginseng. This energetic, strong drink keeps you active and on your feet all day long naturally boosting your energy. Renowned for its orchid-like aroma, Imperial Ren Sheng Ginseng leaves a lingering, sweet aftertaste of Chinese vanilla to soften the light bitterness of raw ginseng.

Studies on ginseng indicate that people who drink ginseng tea have a lower risk of developing cancer. Medical experts highly recommend drinking herbal ginseng teas in order to eliminate the risk of cancerous cell growth in the body.

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Oolong tea, ginseng, Chinese xiang cao


by Christina
August 2020
Not sure what happened. I'd been buying this tea and it was probably the best tea I'd ever had. The last time I purchased it, it had almost no flavor and lacked the silkiness. It was completely underwhelming. I messaged Customer Support trying to figure out why there was such a sharp decline in quality, and never received a response. I'm debating trying it one more time because when it was good, it was divine!
by Lori W
March 2019
I love this tea! Great aroma. It is bold with a gentle aftertaste. I can usually get 6-8 infusions from each teaspoon. Sometimes I add a couple hibiscus leaves for a special sweetness.
by Mari Ansaldo
September 2018
This tea has a very easy taste. I'm not treating the vanilla at all but that's okay, I really enjoy it nonetheless. Definitely helps with the afternoon tirednes that's felt from time to time. I always keep some on hand.
by Christina
March 2018
This tea is incredible.! The aroma is divine and it has a smooth, lightly sweet aftertaste. I drink various teas including genmaicha and Chocolate Pu-erh Chai (Tealyra), but this one is singular. This is my fourth time ordering this tea.
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