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Da Hong Pao Superfine

Da Hong Pao Superfine | Big Red Robe

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Big Red Robe, or Da Hong Pao is a famous tea produced from the tea bushes grown in the Wu Yi Mountain in Fujian province, China. It has been given the title of "King of all teas" during the Qing Dynasty. Da Hong Pao oolong tea is famous for its unique floral fragrance and specially Wu Yi rock tea taste and fragrance. Da Hong Pao’s dark leaves produce a brew that is fragrant in scent, heavy in flavor, and rich in color! The tea will first strike you as bitter, followed by a mineral taste, and strong sweetness, high floral notes, then finishes with a slightly astringent but absolutely mouth-watering aftertaste. Da Hong Pao is a tea classic must have for any tea enthusiast!

This is how to do it:
1-1.5 TSP or 1 BAG
2 - 3 min


Oolong tea


by Max
February 2020
It's fine for the price you pay, the only bad thing is a really noticeable amount of stems (like 1/9).
by Lily
October 2016
First, I have to say that I love the mixed signal of oolongs; half way between black teas and green teas. Always interesting to discover.
In opening the bag, I found the aroma to be definitely musky. I followed the guidelines for oolongs: I rinsed then steep my first infusion at the right temperature for the time suggested (2-3 minutes). I used 1 tsp of tea in 8 oz. hot water. The musky scent was still there. It was also slightly earthy and vaguely reminiscent of a crisp mountain air early morning. Taste like, this oolong has more characteristics of a black tea. Mouth-watering is right! Very mellow with some astringency.
I did not get any floral aroma at my first infusion, but I definitely did at the 2nd infusion (steeped 6-7 minutes). I could even smell some vanilla and something reminiscence of pin. Wow!
The 3rd infusion was even better, but I got the mineral taste only at the 4th infusion, which also made me think of an early grey (aroma, taste and astringency).
I did make a 5th infusion, and it was still very tasty and mellow, just not as complex anymore.
by Patches44
August 2014
this is just a wonderful oolong, I drink it all day long iced. it is excellent warm also just luv the flavor!!!
by Andrew
August 2021
I think this tea is fine for the price and I am enjoying it but the prominent astringency reported by other reviewers is the main downside for a tea like this. The high temperature brewing temp required to bring out the best parts of this tea, also brings out the worst (astringency and bitterness). Tastes more like a pheonix dan cong to me, that the tea makers decided to charcoal roast and do last finishing steps in the style of Da Hong Pao. Clearly not a true Da Hong Pao (not originating from the famous original 5 Da Hong Pao bushes), but tea aficionados probably already knew this by the price point, and non-aficionados probably won't care.
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