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Matcha Iri Sencha

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Our Matcha Iri Sencha is a blend of our finest organic sencha and matcha green teas. It is created with premium Japanese Sencha that is prepared traditionally by steaming and pan-frying, and then coated with a fine dusting of high quality Matcha (2.5% by weight). The result is a bold green tea flavor with lots of grassiness with notes of delicate sweetness that linger on the tongue. Matcha Iri Sencha is absolutely perfect for those who love a strong tea taste, with lots of antioxidants, and looking for a caffeinated boost!

How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1-1.5 TSP or 1 BAG
1.5 - 2 min
Green tea, matcha powder
by Victoria Leong
November 2022
This one is definitely a winner! It punches well above it's price range for Japanese green tea. Lovely flavour and great colour. It also delivers your caffine in such a away that you can be so awake but without buzz or jitters!
by Chris
April 2022
This is my favorite daily sencha, and favorite tea in general. The sencha/matcha blend is wonderful because it allows you to get excellent results through multiple steepings. The matcha will add sweetness and counterbalance the astringency of the sencha on the first steep, giving you a strong and bright first cup. For the second steep and beyond, the matcha is mostly gone, as well as the most of the bitterness from sencha, giving you a mellower, milder cup that is still nicely balanced. I like to do a shorter first steep and a much longer second steep, which I find gives me a balanced yet full bodied extraction each time.
by Aaron Brook
February 2022
The best green tea I've ever had outside of Japan. I'm neither a particularly vain person nor a tea snob, but I really appreciate a great cup of tea. This is a cup so great that, when brewed correctly, you almost don't feel worthy of it. It's as if you somehow made a mistake in preparing it because it's that good. I have found that, for my personal taste, 75-77*C and 3ish minutes of brew time is optimal. That said, the suggested 80*C and 1.5-2*C is plenty good.

If you've been turned off green tea in the past because most coffee shops and restaurants burn the living daylights out of the leaves with 99*C water, look no further than right here right now for something to renew your faith.
by Riverbank Hank
March 2021
I accidentally ordered 2 x 50g bags of this, just an oversight of mine when I was putting together my 1st Tealyra "sampler" order. When I received my order, and realized my mistake, I was a bit disappointed as this Match Iri Sencha was the least anticipated of the 5 different teas I ordered. It was the token green tea on the order, which also had one white tea, one oolong, one pu-er, and one rooibos. However, it turned out to be a good mistake as this tea is delicious! Of course, I would've saved money by just ordering 100g instead of 2 x 50g, but no biggie. Brewed correctly, it makes a vibrant green cup of tea that tastes less grassy than other green teas I've tried. Smooth and subtle flavour. Definitely will be a re-order for me....eventually.
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