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Jasmine Jade

Jasmine Jade

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Jasmine Jade is a bold and highly fragrant Jasmine green tea blend, it is equally delectable as it is beautiful to behold. This fine Jasmine green tea was scented in the traditional way by layering full luscious white jasmine blossoms between fresh harvested bold-tasting green tea leaves 4x repeatedly for a full and bolder jasmine taste.

Upon opening your Jasmine Jade tea package, your senses will be wonderfully enticed to get lost in the rich jasmine fragrance of the blend! The lovely tippy green leaves with large white jasmine blossoms sprinkled throughout will draw you in, and the pure jasmine aroma is simply divine. The cup is balanced in a bold green tea taste and a long-lasting bold aromatic jasmine floral note with every sip.


How to make
a perfect cup of tea
1 TSP or 1 BAG
3 - 4 min
Jasmine green tea, Jasmine Flowers
Sascha Uncia
March 2024
Best way I've found to brew it is to "rinse" the leaves in hot water for a few seconds then brew in 70°C filtered water for 1-2 minutes. Failing to rinse or steeping too long produces a very bitter and astringent tea. It's quite a fiddly brew but worth taking the time to get it right.

The jasmine aroma and taste are good but fairly mild, I think the new wax bags let more of it escape than the old foil ones.
Arnd Schimanski
December 2023
I have been drinking jasmine tea almost daily for 40 years. I know, good jasmine tea is elusive and you really never know what you get until you open the package. This Tealyra Organic Jasmin Jade is a really pleasant surprise. The tea looks good, the scent in the package is amazing and if you prepare it carefully, it makes a unique, excellent jasmine tea. It has a completely different character compared to the Dragon Pearls, Dragon Eye and Jin Hao teas. Don't 'overdose' and steep for 1:45 to get a light, vegetal, aromatic green tea with a robust jasmine scent, a second steeping emphasizes the green tea but is still enjoyable. I will try this tea gong-fu style too. Jasmine tea aficionados will not be disappointed.
Sascha Uncia
February 2024
A bit disappointing.

Following package directions the tea infuses to a yellow-green infusion, very vegetal, astringent, somewhat bitter, with a fairly weak jasmine flavour / aroma.

Tealyra's new bags may be responsible for the latter point, they used to ship in foil but now appear to be some sort of waxed paper material. You can smell teas through the packages, which means they are losing aromas over time; more delicate aromatics like jasmine could be more easily lost than some others.

Steeping it at a slightly cooler temperature for around only a minute produces a much smoother cup, but with even weaker jasmine flavour / aroma. If you like astringent green tea you may like this as-is, but don't expect a strong jasmine presence.