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Liu Pao Golden Flower Dark Tea 960g

Liu Pao Golden Flower Dark Tea 960g

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Origin: China
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Liu Pao Tea (Chinese: 六堡茶, also called Liu Bao Tea) is a post-fermented tea and falls within the same category as Pu’erh Tea. It is named after the original production town in southwest China’s Guangxi Province, in the village of Liubao.

Liu Pao has a history that can be traced back one thousand five hundred years. It is categorized as "Dark Tea" in China, which is fermented longer than oolong but less than black, and has a unique flavor profile and health benefits. The raw tea leaves harvested in the region are piled up, and exposed to a high degree of humidity until desired fermentation. The humid and warm temperature accelerates the natural fermentation of the tea, known as ‘wo dui’ (渥堆) in Chinese. During its special fermentation period, a specific type of probiotic mold will start growing, producing golden yellow spores throughout that are called “Golden Flower” (Jin Hua).

Liu Pao Dark Tea Golden Flower Tea Brick should be prepared in a gaiwan to fully appreciate its complexity and depth of flavor. Once rinsed and steeped, its flavor is smooth (without any sharp or astringent taste whatsoever), with a full, thick body and flavors of hay and dried Chinese red date. It is thick, sweet, and satisfying.

Enjoy a taste of traditional Chinese tea history with every sip.

*Use a tea pick or tea knife to carefully break off the necessary amount of tea needed, and be careful not to crush or create much dust.


Chinese dark tea
Volume :
960g / 2.1lb
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Quality    *****  100%

10/06/2018, 16:24

Quality    *****
I love this tea. It goes down easily, is never bitter, and it's so much tea for the money that it's worth it.
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03/23/2018, 20:32

Quality    *****
It is really special and tastes good. I drink a lot of Pu'er and other tea every year. It's my first time trying Liu Bao fermented black tea. It is sweet and mild, good for my stomach. I'm so happy Tealyra introduced more and more great tea to us.
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