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Tulsi Tea

Tulsi is the Sanskrit name of the "Holy Basil" plant grown throughout India, and is part of the mint family. Tulsi herbal tea is esteemed throughout India (much more than coffee!), in fact many families grow their own tulsi plants for personal use- it is considered sacred to the Indian peoples. A healing balm for the mind and body; tulsi is not only a delicious herbal tea, but wonderful in blends. Tulsi is finally gaining popularity in Canada! Tulsi has a unique spiced flavor- similar to mint, licorice, or clove, and pairs well with floral and fresh flavors.

Used in traditional Ayurvedic Medicine as an adaptogenic herb; meaning that it is anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. More research is needed to help us understand the benefits of consuming tulsi tea regularly, but it has been shown to promote cardiovascular health, protect the body at a cellular level, helps people reach a balanced and healthy weight, and heals respiratory disease and congestion. While it boasts these wonderful health benefits, tulsi tea is not recommended for pregnant women or nursing moms.

Tulsi Holy Basil
Pure fresh Tulsi from India
Healthy Edge
Our ultimate health and wellness sweet and spiced pu'erh based tea blend
Deep Breath
Herbal wellness blend for optimum lung health
Tulsi Morning Dew
A fragrant and healing herbal tulsi blend scented with sweet apples
Tusli Cardamom Harmony
Fresh and fragrant tulsi chai spice blend with abundant cardamom
Tulsi Apple Pear
Tulsi with juicy pear and sweet apple flavor
Focus & Concentration
Pure revitalizing blend of green tea and herbs for your ultimate health


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