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Yunnan Golden Special

Yunnan Golden Special

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Origin: China


Our Yunnan Golden Special is an organic black tea grown and cultivated by craft tea farmers with a distinguished history going back for many generations. Yunnan Golden Special is cultivated at the highest altitudes in a cool climate that is home to natural woodland, it is harvested between the end of March and the middle of April.

The leaves are mesmerizing to behold, they are bright gold and similar at first glance to tobacco leaves. Yunnan Golden Special produces a bright copper coloured cup that yields a buttery. strong, malt flavor, with finishing cinnamon notes. This is an awe inspiring black tea with the signature soft earthy Yunnan signature character that can be enjoyed for multiple infusions.


Loose leaf black tea
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 2-3 minutes.


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Quality    *****  100%

Tracy S

06/02/2020, 21:38

Quality    *****
This tea is amazing! I love how it has a faint smell of chocolate! It’s smooth and just lovely! Brews great! I will be buying again!
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Jim McCubbin

04/19/2020, 00:24

Quality    *****
I'm becoming a fan of Chinese black teas. This one is delicious. A nice treat for myself and will definitely purchase again. Full of flavor, with or without milk, and no bitterness whatsoever. Beautiful, golden dried leaves. Awesome.
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02/18/2020, 13:42

Quality    *****
This is such an incredibly good black tea. I used to drink cheap bags of finely ground black tea, so I was shocked to realize the potential black tea really has. This is indeed a golden tea, with a rich color and malty taste/feel.

I was able to get three steeps out of the tea, though for me, I had to drastically increase the steep time for each steep. 1st: 3 min. 2nd: 5 min. 3rd: 10 min. Maybe I'm not using enough leaves. And the first steep definitely tastes the best, giving you the full flavor profile.
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Dale D

12/23/2019, 12:12

Quality    *****
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IG: Faustian_Luminary

04/25/2019, 21:36

Quality    *****
When I first opened the bag I was baffled by the sheer level of pekoe/ fine orangey golden hairs lining the bag and tea.

This tea I found to magnificent. There is a fruitiness to it, like apricots and other stone fruits. A sort of maltiness as well. Very low bitterness and astringency that turn to juicy sweetness, with a syrupy mouthfeel.

After enjoying 3-4 infusions I will cold brew it over night for the next day, and the flavour profile persists for at least 2 cold infusions.

I also figured out that if you cold brew this tea in a 1:1 ratio with Da Hong Pao Superfine (from this website), and add a little bit of lemon, salt and sweetener, you something really special. The minerality of rock oolongs seems to work really superbly with this tea.

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R. Snyder

04/22/2019, 11:25

Quality    *****
I have been a loose tea drinker for over ten years and this is my absolute favorite. This tea proves that when you have a nice high quality tea you will never need to worry about milk or sugar. Steep it for 2-3 minutes and it will produce a delicious full-bodied cup with satisfying (but not overpowering) malty and chocolatey notes. A great "first thing in the morning" tea. It might look weak because it is not very dark in color, but I believe it is as effect in waking me up as any cup of English breakfast tea. If you want it stronger, steep it longer. It only gets bitter if you steep it for more than 5 or 6 minutes (and even then it's still pretty good). It delivers a good second steep too, so that's worth bearing in mind if you are deterred by the cost. I would steep the first cup for 2-3 mins and the second for 3-4 mins.
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