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Kagoshima Japanese Black Tea

Kagoshima Japanese Black Tea

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Origin: Japan


A must try for all lovers of fine Japanese black teas. This premium quality Kagoshima Japanese Black Tea comes from the Makurazaki area of the Kagoshima prefecture, on the southwestern tip of Japan's Kyushu Island. Completely organic and hand picked from the first flush. Our Kagoshima Japanese Black Tea stands out as a gem, offering a distinctive delicate and sweet mellow aroma and taste. This incredible tea provides a soft, smooth floral black cup without any bitterness whatsoever, a rich mouth feel and a clean, fresh aftertaste that is simply incomparable.


Loose leaf black tea
Caffeine Level:
Use 1 tsp of tea per 8oz/200ml of water. Heat water to 205F/95C and steep for 2-3 minutes.


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9 reviews
Quality    ****  82%

Ransom Stark

02/21/2020, 21:36

Quality    *
I was not pleased with this purchase. The tea leaves smells like week old grass clippings before and after brewing, and the flavor is exactly the same. Completely absent are any flowery notes that I had been hoping for.
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Jim McCubbin

01/09/2020, 22:29

Quality    *****
Makes a perfect cup of tea. Smooth, sweet and absolutely no bitterness whatsoever. Highly recommended Japanese black tea. A must-try.
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Jim McCubbin

01/07/2020, 20:19

Quality    *****
Very enjoyable. My first time trying a Japanese black tea and I was not disappointed. Very smooth and full of flavour. I sometimes enjoy tea with milk but I don't think I'd put milk in this tea. Just my personal preference. I highly recommend. It's getting very difficult to review these teas as there are so many great ones.
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05/18/2019, 15:44

Quality    *****
Absolutely perfect for morning coffee replacement for those of you looking to get rid of coffee. Delicious as a cold brew with 1/32 of a teaspoon of CCNature's pure Stevia powder in it for you sweet tooth people. Sometimes I add in a shot of apple cider vinegar to my 500ml cup and some sodium bicarbonate to turn it into a carbonated tea drink for meals.

I can make 3 infusions of 1000ml each with the same 5 teaspoons of loose leaf. First infusion about 4 hours, it will be very dark, second infusion about 8 hours, third one I give it something around 24 hours (this is not science.. just going with my schedule). The third infusion can be a bit weaker so maybe I will drop in another half teaspoon to give it a boost.
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Suzanne Clark

03/12/2019, 15:27

Quality    *
Do not like this tea at all! Smells like moldy towels and I about gag every time I take a sip. Even used less tea. Has a strong unpleasant odor.
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Cheryl Belobraydic

01/07/2019, 16:30

Quality    *****
I have quite a number of black teas in my caddy but this is the only japanese variety and I really enjoy this tea. Absolutely no bitterness, it had a nice smooth finish on the palate. Do yourself a favor and try this tea, you won't regret it. I only wish that tealyra would have sample sizes to try new teas. I chose this company for the organic selections but was worried to purchase larger quantites but have not found a tea that I didn;t like.
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08/16/2018, 22:11

Quality    *****
Amazingly perfect.
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Theo Bertenis

07/08/2017, 00:56

Quality    *****
Absolutely no bitterness, smooth and gentle flavor. Tried this on a whim and I don't regret it. Perfect to pick you up in the morning when your appetite hasn't kicked in yet as it cleanses the pallet with a fresh, clean aftertaste.
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Stephane Dudart

03/15/2016, 04:17

Quality    *****
Fresh aroma when you open the bag. Wetland to the taste without earthy aftertaste. You can think you are in a wetland. This is one of my favourite tea.
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