Fast delivery, beautifully packaged and my teas smell incredible!! I have tasted two already- Grandma's Garden and Feng Shui. Stunning!

although I had to wait a while for my tea which was sent to me in new zealand, it was worth the wait. I have only tasted one of the three teas I ordered, but if the smell is anything to go by, they are going to be delicious. cant wait to try more

although I had to wait a while for my tea,( it was being sent to new Zealand,) it was worth the wait !. I ordered 3 teas and have only tasted one, but by the smell of the others they are going to be delicious aswell. cant wait to try some more.

I ordered four teas from Tealyra (two rooibos, one green and one white). They have all been great, and I will be ordering more in the future. I have ordered from other websites previously and really do like this one best (I have tried three others in the past). Quick delivery, bags were well sealed with great, fresh tasting teas. Thanks!

The speed of delivery is unbelievably fast and accurate. I am impressed! Let me not leave out the quality of the tea products, to name a few, Matcha ceremonial tea, Rooibos, Jasmine delciously smooth! Just a wonderful lines of Teas! Thank you Tealyra:-)

I start taken tea from Tealyra for high blood pressure what difference it made ,also mixed with weight loss tea . I get up in the morning the first I do is go get kettle on and enjoy my cup tea and I use it all though the day thank you Tealyra and I have re-ordered again can't wait.

Great speed. Thank you so much for all managers of Tealyra who helped me to resolve all problems I had had during ordering process. One more time, Hope Tealyra will develop more.

I bought a matcha ceremony start kit and i'm so happy!! the cup is sooo beautiful!!! (better than the picture on the website).
I'm so excited to try all my blooming tea and my blueberry matcha. seriously Tealyra is a must!

thank you

At first I was skeptical, how could good quality tea be this cheap? I've just received my second order and it's clear that Tealyra values customer service and quality. My loyalty will be everlasting.

Fast shipping and customer service. After I placed my order I had to get an updated tracking number from the site, and I had a response with a tracking number within 24 hours. The products I ordered came very well packed, and everything arrived in great shape. I definitely am happy with the service I have received here and will likely be shopping here in the future for some of the harder-to-obtain teas.
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