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I did not read the shipping information on the website and was surprised to receive the delivery via USA. However 7 days from placement with no postage charge is brilliant, and the goods arrived very well packaged.
A great website with lots of information and a broad range of products that i look forward to sampling.

When I initially placed the order I thought I was buying from a UK based supplier (.co.uk suffix plus a London address) and was surprised when the package arrived with a USPS label plus Customs declaration! Haven't got around to trying the tea yet but the service is excellent, just under 7 days to get here plus free shipping. Just need to be careful about the value you order or the Customs may sting you plus the carrier will add an £8.00 'handling fee'.

Will definitely use this service again.

I am a new customer and found your service excellent. I am enjoying the tea and will be ordering again.

I love this site and there tea I recently ordered 160$ worth of tea for my girlfriends birthday gift because tea is like her favourite thing I went with the free shiping and my package came in under a week with no damage wich was good cuz I got her a glass tea pot in there. The tea was phenomenal she got May white teas which I tried with her and we both thought all of them were amazing and even the fruit flavoured tea is outstanding it isn't flavoured with liquids that soak into the tea this tea has big chunks of fruit in it. This site is amazing and I will definitely be using it again. Thanks Tealyra!!

I have been ordering from the site for a few years now and have to say that its the best place to get all the varieties of your favorite teas. I really enjoy all the different variations of herbal teas. Keep it up Tealyra, you rock.

This is the best place to order for all your tea luvin needs.

For the price, this is the best I've tasted. Naturally, I would prefer to the buy the more expensive organic brands but I found this to be a good balance for every morning cup. I use a full tablespoon and not a teaspoon. I've tried a variety of organic Matcha from other sites and they can't compare to your selection, quality, and price. I will have to try other teas like Chai which I love but haven't found one yet that was decent compared to making it from scratch. I will try that next time! Oh folks, don't forget to like their FB page and sign up because one of the other things I love about Tealyra is the discounts so that we can buy in bulk. Thank you Tealyra!

I have ordered Tealyra/Tealyra from Amazon (Prime) and received it in the expected two days - ordered recently from the site since they included a coupon. Ordered on 6/21, didn't even ship until 6/29, and then it's another 3-6 business days estimated :-(

I am totally in love with this tea store. I just can't get these teas anywhere else. I am working my way through them all. I hope they never close down.

Easy to find some of the world's best teas here! I finally found a great variety of teas all in one stop shop at TeaLyra. Affordable and delightful!
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