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This is my seventh order from Tealyra since Dec 20/2012.
Excellent selection of quality teas & products/teaware.

Tealyra is in Montreal Quebec & I'm located in Toronto Ontario, & with the free shipping on orders $60.00 & up., shipping is VERY fast!
I've been VERY happy with the friendly, courteous & always exemplary customer service of Dimitriy Fedosyeyev by email, & several times by Live Chat on the website.

I highly recommend Tealyra!

Cheers & here's to excellent health!
Craig Andrews.

Besides the fast shipping and easy navigation throughout the site, the prices are reasonable. And the tea tastes great!. What I love the most is the detailed descriptions of the look, texture and taste of the tea leaves. You know exactly what to order because you know what to expect.

I've made about 5 orders now, from New Zealand, and they always arrive well packed and quickly.

The quality is really high, with lots of organic choices.

I've messed up a few orders and they have put things right for me really quickly and with good grace. The service is exceptional.
I've also broken a few parts of teapots due to my own fault, and they have replaced the parts. I can't speak highly enough about this company.


Really really fast shipping! Great custumer service! Quality products! Hightly recommanded!

I've used Tealyra (plus some other) fine-tea suppliers a couple of times now. The quality of the tea is excellent and the service both before & after the sale is remarkable. I'm also impressed with the selections. Combine all that with pricing that beats the heck out of ordering from London and I know I'll be back as a regular.

This is my first time ordering tea blends from Tealyra. As open the package, I notice how gentle and careful the box had been packed. I made my first cup of tea ``Magical Fruity Mix`` it was amazing with such a wonderful fulfilling taste. I quite drinking coffee a few weeks ago and began drinking tea, this is the best tea blend I have ever taste it. I will be coming back for more.

I've been ordering from Tealyra for a while now, and I come back to them time and time again, I love their white teas and the white tea blends. Great quality, and wonderful customer service.

My order arrived within a week, well packed and secure. I am enjoying my teas very much. The quality is excellent. Thank you Tealyra. Keep up the good work.

There are a few things that set Tealyra apart from the other vendors I have tried.

First, they are selling high quality tea. When I brew my teas, I can actually identify the leaves and buds, whole, in each tea (easiest with greens and oolongs). Other vendors often have fragments, or leaves without the buds. The best way to see this difference is to purchase a tea that comes in balls, like a jasmine pearl or rolled oolong. Compare the size of the balls, and then inspect them after they have opened.

Secondly, they have excellent tea tins. The new Tealyra tin has two lids, instead of the more common single. The inner lid is simply pushed in, and the cap sits outside. You can actually hear the air tight seal, and I feel much more confident that the tins will protect my tea from light and air.

Thirdly, they regularly have great coupons! It's not uncommon to get 15%-25% off your teas. Given the quality and their already fair prices, this puts them ahead of most high end tea providers in my books.

Finally, I encourage you to try all of their teas, and do not be wary of price. I have had teas that were $3.50/25g from Tealyra beat out the same variety of tea from two other vendors at prices twice that.

Tealyra sells quality teas at all prices, and I am very glad to have found them.
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