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J'ai commence a boire du the pour hydrater ma gorge qui s'asseche rapidement depuis que j'ai arrete de fumer. Je me suis trouver une nouvelle passion pour les tisanes - je suis completement accro. J'etais deja etonne de toutes les differentes saveur qui etait offert a la boutique de D-D-O, j'ai ete encore plus surprise de voir les choix offerts sur le site web. Je recommande ce site a tout ceux que je rencontre. Vraiment je n'ai que de bon commentaire a dire de Tealyra.

I am so impressed with this company. Everything from the quality of the tea to the prices and the durability of the hardware, everything is superb. The shipping is very quick, I live in Mississauga, Ontario. If there are any problems, the company has incomparable customer service that go above and beyond service. Ahh, I'm just very impressed. good work Tealyra!!

Edward the store manager at the Tealyra outlet in ddo ,west island mtl, was very knowlegable and helped us the proper equipment to enjoy our matcha, as well as giving us some great info on various tea s and their health benefits,

I love buying matcha from Tealyra because it sells high quality, organic matcha that tastes great! Their prices are reasonable too. The only downside is that shipping takes a long time, and it need to offer more shipping options instead of just one.

Tealyra has it all. Great prices, excellent teas and great selection, good customer service, fast shipping, packaged well. The teas here are very good quality. Now we can leave reviews here for the tea which I really like too.

A special offer arrived in my inbox and we're glad we took advantage of it. Wonderful Matcha tea with blueberry flavor that we enjoy hot or cold. I buy all my teas here at Tealyra in my local IGA Extra, and have been very satisfied with the quality.

I just received my first order from Tealyra. I ordered a variety of sampler teas and I have to say I am very happy with everything so far. All the teas taste how they should, Turkish apple - just like apple. Right now I am enjoying the Warm Cider. I will definitely be ordering from you again very soon. Your prices are also reasonable. Thank you for coming into my life.

A wide selection of really tasty organic tea. At a great price. Delivered fast. Packaged well with good brewing directions. What more can be said?

My wife and I consume copious amounts of tea daily. My wife, being from the UK, introduced me to the relaxing, soothing tradition of "morning tea". It's a great ways to start the day and just chat about what our daily agenda will be or to just sit there in silence sipping one of the delicious teas from Tealyra. I've yet to find a better combination of price, quality and variety of organic teas in Canada. Thanks for a great product and I look forward to many more years of my morning cups. It would be great if you could bring in an organic Irish breakfast tea.

I love the variety and quality! This is hands down the best place to buy tea (besides going directly to a grower of course) :) The prices are great compared to other similar tea sellers especially for the amazing quality that you find here. I was especially impressed at the variety of matcha teas, and there are so many teas that are organically grown. I keep coming back for more. What a gem!
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