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How to prepare water for tea?

Choosing good water is half the battle if you want your tea to taste good. You also need to prepare the water correctly.

To cook water, we need the right vessel and the right fire.

There are many containers for cooking water, but the best are:

  • A white clay kettle.
  • A glass kettle
  • Enameled kettle


White clay utensils have been used by the Chinese since ancient times and are found in some families that still keep the tradition to this day. Lu Yu, in his tea treatise, the Cha Jing, noted white clay as the most noble material for preparing water. According to the master, it structures and purifies water by absorbing excess heavy compounds. And if the water is cooked at the right fire, even not the highest-grade tea will please the most fastidious gourmand.


What kind of fire to cook water on?

fire to cook water on

The Chinese distinguish two types of fire.

  • A fire of war is any kind of fire not controlled by man. It can be a blazing fire or the flame of a gas stove. This type of fire is not suitable for making water for tea.
  • A culture fire is a fire that is constantly controlled by man. Both coals and a gas burner can be used here, with a constantly adjustable temperature setting and the ability to change it finely. Tea water is cooked exclusively on such a fire.


How to prepare water for tea

water of tea

Consider the simplest way.

  • Take a gas burner with a fine adjustment of the flame and set a medium flame.
  • We fill the glass kettle with water (the vessel should have 200-300 ml of water in it), warm it over the flame for 30-50 seconds.
  • Reduce the flame by half and put the kettle on the burner.
  • After 3-5 minutes we set the flame a little lower than average.
  • When small bubbles appear on the water, you can lower the flame a little.
  • At the moment when a lot of medium bubbles begin to appear, add 1-2 about 300ml of water.
  • When the medium bubbles start to reappear, turn off the burner and let the water stand for 1-2 minutes and then pour it into a thermos.

The stage of appearance of medium bubbles is water temperature of about 80-85 degrees. If we need a little less temperature, then turn off the burner a little earlier, and if we want to brew Puer, then wait for large, but not bursting bubbles (this temperature is 90-95 degrees).


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