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How to brew green tea?

How to brew green tea correctly? Quality Chinese green tea is a very delicate beverage. It is demanding on the quality and temperature of the water used, as well as the duration of brewing. We recommend following the general rules for brewing green tea in order to enjoy this useful and delicious beverage to the fullest. These are general principles that may vary slightly depending on the variety of green tea.

Preparing to brew Chinese green tea


Step 1: Take about 5-7 grams of tea leaf per person per container of about 200ml. You don't want to put in too much tea leaf, as green tea tones up better than coffee.

Step 2: Heat soft bottled water to 70-75 C. Do not boil the water, as boiling dissolves most of the nitrogen and oxygen compound in the water. Over boiled water becomes hard inert, loses its usefulness and is absolutely not suitable for brewing delicate tea.

Step 3: An important step is the preparation of the tea. Pour the water into a teapot with tea leaves and drain it after 5-10 seconds. This is done to steep the leaves and wash away tea dust.

Step 4 (optional): Remember to inhale deeply the heady aroma of the tea and essential oils of the steamed leaf from under the lid of the gaiwan or teapot lid. This will add to the experience of brewing green tea.


Brewing green tea


Step 5: Next, it is recommended that you brew the tea in quick spills of 20-30 seconds. Just don't overcook - green tea brews quickly, giving off substances into the water. If you miss the moment, it is sure to be bitter further.

Step 6: The brewing procedure can be repeated several times, as long as you feel the taste. Green tea lasts about 4-5 brews, depending on the variety, in a gaiwan or container of about 200ml. We recommend using a small porcelain or glassware. Brewing green tea correctly, then you will get the most enjoyment from drinking tea. Peace, everyone! :)

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