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August is Canada’s National Peach Month

Juicy, ripe, and oh so fragrant- our inspiration right now is Canada's own Ontario peaches!

Peaches are not only one of the most popular fruits, but they are symbolic in many cultural traditions, such as in art, paintings and folk tales. Ontario harvests their peaches in August, when the luscious fruit has grown to its ripe perfection. Our peach teas and tisanes are specially blended to celebrate the fresh and sweet flavor of all natural peaches.

Celebrate all things peach and try a cup of peachy tea- it will bring to remembrance that first “juicy fresh peach juice pouring down your chin” bite of the season! This month is Canada's national peach month! We want to celebrate the gorgeous gift of peaches with you in our absolute favorite way!

Check out Sweet Peach Honeybush, Peach n’ Cream, Lychee Peach, Lavender Peach Relief, and Ginger Peach Punch for our peachy-est blends!