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Dr. Oz & Weight Loss

Dr. Oz  Weight Loss Diet Program

The Dr. Oz weight loss diet provides a  variety of tips and dietary choices which can aid in weight loss. One of the  recommended metabolism boosting treats which is recommended are various types  of teas which are known to help increase the metabolism and help your body to  naturally burn more fat to aid in weight loss. The four teas which are  recommended are Pu-erh tea, White tea, Chickwood tea and Bilberry tea. The  theory behind this is that by drinking one of the four teas during a specific  time of the day or night you can help aid your body in both shrinking fat cells  as well as burning fat cells at a faster rate. Now, let's learn a little more  about each tea so that you can understand the unique benefits which these four  herbal teas have to offer to your weight loss success.

Pu-Erh Tea

This tea features a unique bold and robust  flavor and is known for its metabolism boosting characteristics which are often  used as an all-natural weight loss supplement. The recommended time of  consumption for Pu-Erh tea is during the morning hours due to the energy  boosting qualities which you will experience. This tea is native to the Yunnan  province of China where the health benefits of this bold, earthy tea have long  been known to aid in the burning of fat cells, aiding in the process of  digestion and helping with weight loss. It is suggested that you consume two  cups of Pu-Erh tea each morning to maximize its' weight loss benefits. The tea  is natural sweet as well which will reduce or eliminate the need for adding  additional sweeteners.

White Tea

This tea has a pleasant light delicate  taste which is naturally sweet and fairly low in caffeine. White tea originates  from the Fujian province of China and is now grown in other parts of the world  as well such as Thailand and Taiwan. This is the least processed of all teas  and is created by steaming and drying select silver buds and leaves. This tea  is suggested to be consumed during the afternoon hours just prior to lunch as  it can aid in the decreased absorption of fat if consumed just before a  meal.  The ingredient which is known to  aid in this reduction of fat absorption is EGCG and is prevalent in quality  White teas. Another added benefit of this type of tea is that it also has the  ability to help reduce stress levels due to the presence of Theanine within  White tea as well.

Chickweed Tea

Chickweed tea is a light tea which is  somewhat bitter and typically will need to be sweetened with an artificial  sweetener to make it more appealing. Chickweed tea is thought to be a natural  diuretic which can act as a mild natural laxative which can aid in cleaning out  and regulating the digestive system. A single cup of this tea is suggested to  be consumed in the afternoon hours which can aid in bloating and help to rid  unwanted water weight from the body as well. This healthy herbal tea is known  to be high in potassium which can aid in the reduction of midday cravings and  all contains a variety of other essential vitamins and nutrients such as  Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin C.

Bilberry Tea

This pleasant tasting herbal tea features  a naturally sweet and fruity taste which has been consumed for many years  around the world due to the many known health benefits which it offers. It is  recommended that you consume a single cup of this pleasant tasting tea in the  evening due to the natural ability of leveling the blood sugar which this tea  offers. Leveling out the blood sugar levels is a great way to naturally  decrease cravings which will help you stick to your diet plan. Bilberry tea  offers high amounts of anthocyanosides which is known to provide a variety of  health benefits such as; aid in digestion, improve circulation, combat heart  disease and even aid in the treatment of diabetes.

Tealux Weight Loss Start Up Kit

Based on the suggestions of Dr. Oz, Tealux  has created a convenient startup kit will provide you with everything that you  need to get started on the Dr. Oz herbal diet right away. Within the starter  kit you will receive four unique teas which are  recommended for daily consumption while following the Dr. Oz diet. The four  teas included in the start up kit are Pu-Erh tea, white tea, Chickwood tea and  Bilberry tea. So, if you are looking for a convenient way to begin the Dr. Oz  diet; our convenient start up kit is a great option for you!

Weight Loss Start Up Kit

Weight Loss Start Up Kit
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