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Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Organic

Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Organic

Origin:  China
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The traditional Chinese tea-scenting techniques that date back for over 1,000 years are still in use today in the creation of this premium Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls tea.

Hailing from Fujian province in China, organically grown aromatic night-blooming jasmine blossoms infuse only the youngest, most tender tea leaves and buds eight to ten times with their distinctive and exquisite aroma. The infused tea is then rolled at a ratio of two leaves to one unopened bud into small pearls, with a delicate silver-white sheen, thanks to the soft silver down of these premium tips.

Producing an exquisite jasmine flavor and aroma, Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls is a must-try tea for all jasmine tea connoisseurs. When steeped in hot water, the pearls unfurl majestically, unlocking the full delicate scent of jasmine in a spellbinding treat for the senses. Imperial Jasmine Dragon Pearls is even reputed to increase circulation, ease tension and reduce cholesterol!


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Best Jasmine Dragon Pearls I've ever tried
Really delicious and smooth. I've tried many brands and versions of this and this one is by far the best flavor. I think it is better than the Teavana brand which was my original favorite. I have a new favorite tea company...Tealyra!
just great green tea
I love the way the balls unroll and the leaves sink to the bottom in a cup and can be rebrewed at least 3 times ,
stephanie (Guest)
In one word... AMAZING
I've found myself in a predicament. I love Teavana's jasmine green tea pearls.. Just not the price. I thought I'd just give these a try and see how it goes.... In one word... AMAZING. I can't tell the difference and they're much more cost effective. Thank you tealux for feeding my habit :)
Red Sky (Guest)
Very, very nice - high quality
Makes a lovely cup of tea. Great aroma and beauteous flavor. These pearls are higher in quality than other brands I've tried - each ball contains the top few baby leaves and part of the shoot. Some other brands are almost all shoot (stem) without any leaves.
S. Ihrig (Guest)
Best flavored Jasmine tea, ever!
I have long been a fan of jasmine tea and have tried numerous "jasmine dragon pearls" brands over the years. Many tend to disappoint with their blandness. This is far and away the most delicately and fully flavored jasmine dragon pearls tea I have yet tasted...and even better, it's organic, so no heavy metals from pesticides in the tea leaves. Highly recommend it.
Anitra (Guest)
Sweet, beautiful, strong jasmine flavor. My favorite jasmine ever.
Sweet, beautiful, strong jasmine flavor.
My favorite jasmine ever, and I'm an old pro. So happy I found Tealux, thank you.

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