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2009 Menghai 1st Grade Ripe Pu'erh

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Beautiful loose ripe pu'erh, harvested and produced at the famous Menghai tea factory in Yunnan province in southwest China. Rich in an earthy aroma, this pu'erh produces a thick, deep-maroon liquor that is wonderfully clear, and oh so smooth and mellow in flavor. Earthy, smoky, sweet and smooth.
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1.5 - 3 min
Pu'erh tea
by Kevin Mclauchlan
March 2024
OK, it's probably me; I haven't drunk straight black tea in 40 years. I've been consuming Japanese green tea, mostly gyokuro, for the past 20 years. So I kept seeing mention of this pu'erh stuff and finally decided to try some. My wife said it best: it tastes like twig-juice, or fourth-pass on a teabag. I followed the instructions as exactly as I could. I will be tossing the rest of the package that I bought from Tealyra. No offense intended, but you'd think 14 years of fermenting would add something interesting to the flavor, when all it did, apparently, was make ordinary black tea taste more bland.
Different strokes for different folks.
Meanwhile, [to me] Japanese green tea produces very nice aromas, and reasonably tolerable flavors (that include almost nothing of the aroma...) but it's what I've settled on, as a go-to no-calorie beverage, since (horror or horrors...) I don't enjoy the smell or taste of coffee unless it's paired with chocolate (my wife brews coffee every day, so it's a relief when that smell is done-for-the-day -- I mention that to show that people with very different tastes were quick to agree on pu'erh. If this 2009 Menghai stuff is representative of Pu'erh in general, I've had the only sample I'll EVER try, thanks. At least it wasn't expensive.
But don't let me discourage you; I just wanted folks to have a basis for comparison.
Kevin in Ottawa
by Dov
November 2023
If there was a truth in advertising award (is there?) this would win. It's exactly as described. Subtly sweat with a hint of earthiness and smokiness, like a forest after a light rain. Really delicious, especially for the price point. If you're looking for a funky weird Puerh, this isn't it. This makes an accessible, great for everyday consumption, cup of comfort tea.
by Eric Maxfield
July 2021
This is my first experience with Pu'Erh and got it on sale based on other reviews. I was not sure what to expect. It has a mildly pungent aroma that I could describe as "earthy" if generous and possibly "fishy" if not. Taking courage, I brewed it up western style with 2 min steeping and was pleasantly surprised at the mildness and there is definitely some interesting flavours going on including berries. Will have to return for second steeping to see how it develops but I kind of like it so far. For the price I guess its a good value introduction to Pu'Erh, but I am not sure I could justify the price of this if it wasn't on sale. Some of the premium varieties get pretty pricey.
by John Cooper
March 2021
I really like this tea, it’s sweet, smoky, and has great overall taste. This has become my daily go to tea. I’ve ordered several bags and haven’t been disappointed. The price is very fair.
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