Herbal Wellness Tea

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Healthy Edge
Our ultimate health and wellness sweet and spiced pu'erh based tea blend
White Cloud Detox
Minty fresh and effective detox herbal blend
Wonder Ayurvedic Chai
Rich full flavored sweet and fragrant sweet chai blend
Beet It
A deep red tonic featuring beetroot, carrot, sage, lemongrass and goji berries
Sage Apple Blossom
Soothing herbal blend of sage, rosemary, apple, aniseed and delicate blossoms.
Peace and Harmony
An effective mistletoe and St. John’s Wort blend for treating mild stress
Pink Berry Moringa
Herbaceous moringa tea with fresh harvested summertime strawberries
Wild Mountain Herbs
An pure blend of the finest mountain fresh herbs
Bamboo Forest
Serene herbal blend featuring bamboo leaf, lime, and florals
911 Detox
A powerful, safe, and all natural detox blend
Amra Ayurvedic
Ayurvedic inspired fennel and chicory root tea flavored with real mango
Sweet lemon, ginseng and mint herbal wellness blend
Holistic Health
Gingery, warm and light all over health tonic.
Eastern Wellness
Healing sea buckthorn and drumstick blend with notes of lemongrass and mango
Turkish Pomegranate
Pomegranate, elderberry, orange peel and herbal blend inspired by a Turkish night bazaar
Detox Booster
Mild tasting natural powerhouse herbal blend
Sweet Mulberry
Sweet herbal blend of mulberry and apple.
Echinacea ImmuneTEA
Mild and refreshing blend of echinacea, elderberry, spearmint, and peppermint
Moringa Madness
Exotic moringa blend featuring shredded coconut, mango pieces and basil
Spiced Canela
Sweet, light, peppery and comforting cinnamon tea
Strawberry Lemon Drop
Ultra-refreshing lemon tea with heaps of real sliced strawberries
Lavender Lemon Potion
Lavender, lemon peel, sweet apple, and mini white chocolate chips
Sage Fusion
Cooling pepermint, sweet rooibos and wonderfully savory sage
Lime Mint Wellness
Fresh vibrant lime and cooling mint blend
1 2 3 4
2 - 5


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