Green Tea Blends

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The most potent fat burning teas in a delicious wellness tea blend
Raspberry Punch
Green tea with fresh berry tartness and real raspberry
Cinnamon Sweet Apricot Chai
Succulent chai inspired blend of sweet apricot green tea and oriental cinnamon
Antioxidant Booster
Tart and sweet immune boosting blend of green tea, rooibos, elderberry and cinnamon
Emerald Splendor
Vibrant veggie-filled green tea blended with spinach, pepper and lemon
Zesty Lemon
Smooth green tea with tart lemon, and apple in a refreshing infusion
Pomegranate Grape Duet
Bold green grape and pomegranate green tea blend
Japanese Cherry Green
An inspired blend of green tea with pure rose and cherry
Sweet Mint Apple
Refreshing blend of fine green tea with apples and peppermint
Spirit of Tropic
Sweet and tart tropical tea blend of pineapple, coconut and cranberry
Lemon Ginger Snap
Refreshing blend of Chinese green tea, lemongrass, and ginger!
Magic Moon
A lovely tropical blend of both green and black teas, together with papaya and strawberry
Kombucha Sencha
Sour, sweet, and tart plum green tea with powdered kombucha
Acerola Cherry Potion
A summer time inspired blend of green tea, cherries, and pineapple
Crimson Guava
Alluring green tea blend with the tropical flavors of guava and mango
Tart Cherry Turmeric
Ayurvedic inspired anti-inflammatory tart cherry green tea blend
Japanese Orange Cooler
Japanese kukicha green tea blended with citrus in honor of all things satsuma
Geisha’s Rose
Subtle and mysterious hint of rose over delicate jasmine green tea
Strawberry Splash
Kukicha blended with natural strawberries, and sweet pear
Lychee Jasmine Green
Fragrant lichee fruit and pure jasmine green tea blend
Lotus Green
Fragrant lotus scented green tea from Vietnam
Green Earl Grey Cream
A modern green tea based Earl Grey full of creamy goodness
Moroccan Mint
Refreshing blend inspired by traditional Moroccan Mint tea
Japanese Thin Mint
Roasted hojicha and pure natural peppermint
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